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Mareas Vermellas Galicia is a project of scientific dissemination that opens a door to improve the knowledge of a well-known phenomenom in Galicia, the red tides and their derived problems, which had little specialized information until today, the Bioimaxe team has developed a documentary with the objective of giving light and clarifying many issues that until today had not been place on the table. Our little piece of sand has been the realization and the design of the Website, in it you can find a information on the subject and access the documentary film which is in itself the axis of the project, highly recommended, we encourage you to visit it!

Web design

Chispas is a sociocultural academy born to raise the talent and creativity of children and young people around music in Nicaragua, the project is oriented to give them the opportunity to share what they are doing, courses, scholarships, concerts and a lot more, supported with their effort and donors you can collaborate with your time, money and also with instruments if you want.

Such a nice pleasure for me to collaborate in this amazing project, keep up the good work Chispas!!

Corporate identity

We have made the corporate image and identity manual to give credibility and professionalism to present secretos NICAS as a brand, The brand secretos NICAS has been designed to reflect the character of a young, dynamic and committed to promoting quality tourism, sustainable and solidarity with the people of Nicaragua to minimize impact and benefit the people of the country.

Web design
We have made to Coruñahoy.es the design and programming of its new digital news portal where you can find all current information and what you need to know to be informed today in A Coruña.


Web design

For the development of the website of the Doctorate in Chemical Engineering from the University of Vigo we update the design and its image to make it more current, the onepage style design and content architecture is done so that the user can make the necessary consultations into the same page and have on hand in a scroll movement all the contents.

Print & Web design

Los trabajos realizados para escr-net.org tratan de mejorar la experiencia del usuario, la sencillez y claridad en la estructura del Front-End de su página web ayudan a que el acceso a los contenidos sea más rápido, todo ello se refuerza con una iconografía creada para diferenciar las áreas de escr-net organización que trabaja por la justicia social a través de los derechos humanos.

Print & Web design

JAE Barcelona looking to redesign their image change the perception of your brand providing the same in a more modern and contemporary look, but with a minimalist design that reflects the character of a dynamic company in continuous improvement to ensure the best service to their customers, just as their website where users can find information about the company and its services easily develops.


For their football fans customers because of the celebration of the World Cup Brazil 2014  Alipro has bring them a football calendar so that they can follow their team while they enjoy using their products, job done in colaboration with  MARKETING AUF ZEIT & MMQ CONSULTING for Alipro AG.

Logo & Website

nicaforum.ch is a platform for organizations, people and projects of time, money and expertise where you can find space to share ideas and visions in order to help the progress of Nicaragua.

Corporate Image, Print & Website

The Prints and corporate image created convey the idea of dynamism and expansion of a social enterprise, which aims to generate decent work for people at risk of social exclusion, promoting commitment and quality to its customers.

Corporate Image, Website

To value the biological resources of the marine environment of the Ensenada de San Simon and especially of Choco, which is the reference axis in both corporate image and website, the excellent photographic material provided by the customer and a magnificent documentary complete the work.

A Paradise in the Caribbean Sea located in the Dominican Republic, peaceful, luxury and exclusiveness at Cap Cana it's what Dunamar Real Estate offers, we create a brand and a website to transmit and reinforce those attributes to their customers.

Corporate image & Print

The Corporate image shows UTM technical character and close relationship with the maritime industry, represented in the corporate image for a sextant and a sans typography, sober, modern and with technical character, past and present of a company with a long future.


Soporte gráfico para distintas campañas de sensiblización e incidencia de Cáritas Diocesana de Tui-Vigo.

Corporate image & Print

La imagen realizada para Urbing, revela el carácter joven y dinámico de la empresa, colores contrastados y un isótopo que aporta sensación de evolución y avance, que junto a otros valores como calidad, formación y cooperación son los pilares de la empresa.


Various graphic jobs done in colaboration with Grupo Femxa

Corporate image, Print & Website

Website design & CSS programming in colaboration with  Dixitalmedia for Atlanta Foreign Trade.

Logo , Print & Website

The idea of a brand with a casual style for the musicians association was the edge of the whole prints & website done, despite the association with the time changes the look & feel of their image I have to say that I really enjoy designing this job.


Different Prints for revitalization campaigns of linguistic standardization department of the City of Vigo.


Web project for the dissemination and outreach zone A Marina - Ortegal with the aim of promoting tourism in the area, divided by subject the user can access from the site easily to many interesting information, improving knowledge and potential of this fantastic area

Corporate Image & Website

The project undertaken reflects the peculiarities of the telecommunications business, for it has created an image which add up and blend the different elements that make up this business has been conducted jointly designing an e-commerce website designs have been made both with reflect the idea of an urban aesthetic.

Corporate Image, Website

Constec specializes in works of partitions, ceilings and wall linings company aiming to tackle all the right technical, organizational and economic problems that will be raised, the development of the corporate image and website is developed around these ideas.


International Exhibition of the Naval Industry is becoming one of the premier events in Galicia, shipbuilding a strategic sectors have a good ally in this fair. Work done in collaboration with Muestralo

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