Mareas Vermellas Galicia

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Mareas Vermellas Galicia website
Mareas Vermellas Galicia website

Client: Mareas Vermellas Galicia

Project: Web design

The History:

Mareas Vermellas Galicia is a project of scientific dissemination that opens a door to improve the knowledge of a well-known phenomenom in Galicia, the red tides and their derived problems, which had little specialized information until today, the Bioimaxe team has developed a documentary with the objective of giving light and clarifying many issues that until today had not been place on the table. Our little piece of sand has been the realization and the design of the Website, in it you can find a information on the subject and access the documentary film which is in itself the axis of the project, highly recommended, we encourage you to visit it!


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